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Raw Icelandic Fleece | Icelandic Yarn | Icelandic Roving in 8 oz. Bumps

Icelandic fleece is made up of two coats:

  • the thel, which is the softer undercoat
  • the tog, which is the long outer coat

The fibers can be blended into one yarn, as it is in lopi yarn, or spun separately.  Prized by handspinners, Icelandic fleece produces yarn with a great variety of uses, due to the dual coat.

Our flock includes sheep of many colors -- white, black, beautiful shades of brown, silver-grey -- which makes for lovely natural fibers.  However, Icelandic fleece can be dyed any color of the rainbow!  We shear our sheep twice, spring and fall.

We have yarn, both lopi and sport weight, for sale.  We sell raw fleece and roving as well.  If you have a special order, call us.  We can have our fleece processed to your specifications.

We also sell felt made from out wool, wonderful for a sewing project. Some of our felt is two-tone reversible.

Icelandic pelts are soft and luxurious -- perfect to line a chair on a cold winter evening, or for a warm rug under your feet.  Our pelts are washable, for easy care.

Contact us to order our products, or with any questions.


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